New O.S. for rb5 board

Hi! I would like to know if Linaro is planning to release a new O.S. for the rb5 board and, if not, I would like to know if on the latest released Debian 21.12 is it possible to update Mesa graphic drivers to the newest version (so to have support for OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan 1.3). Thanks!

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yes, we want to get back to a better release cadence!
However we do not want to continue ‘per board’ release like we’ve done so far, since it’s a maintenance nightmare.
We’ve restarted some Debian builds recently, where we expect a ‘generic’ build to work on all ‘supported’ platforms. e.g. a single kernel package/image, and a single user space, all released in one single package.

The only difference between boards will be the DTB which is used in the boot image. We are publishing ‘daily’ images here for now:

It’s not ready for ‘release’ yet, since it’s a new thing we’ve started, but we welcome any feedback.

There is one boot image ‘per’ board, and a single user space / rootfs image.

Alternatively, you should also be able to upgrade your current system running 21.12. It was based on Debian Sid, and Debian Sid now has mesa 22.2. so doing apt update && apt upgrade, should bring you an up-to-date system with mesa 22.2. You don’t need to update the kernel, and you can keep it even with a newer user space.

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Thanks for your reply! But there is something I can’t understand… on the board specs is specified support for OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 but here you can see that the freedreno and turnip drivers allow support for OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan 1.3 with the latest Mesa. Will the rb5 board have those API levels after the Mesa upgrade?

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