New DragonBoard 410C Dead


I ordered a DragonBoard 410C with Android from Arrow. I just received it, connected a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and plugged in the power adapter that I ordered from Arrow for it. When I plug in the power adapter the Green User LED 4 goes green for a little while and then goes dark, that is all that happens.

Is the board bad, or is something else the problem?

Thank ou


Hi @ericmaibach, I too recently received faced similar status of LED. Its not dead.
Step-1 : Connect the DB4C UART pins to the USB through the converter, you can see the logs

or blindly flash the latest boot image (follow

a) Once you connect the microUSB to your Linux HOST, reboot the system into fastboot mode as described in the wiki.
b) Run lsusb. You should be noticing an Android device connected
c) if adb devices or fastboot devices dont list any devices, that means you need to add an entry in your /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules