New 96Board Discussion Forum


We would like to thank the community members who have helped us build the 96Boards forum. As some of you might be aware, our forum is in need of a desperate upgrade. We have listened and are introducing new 96Boards Discussion Forum which will be running on Discourse (Open source system :))

What do you need to do?

  • We are currently testing the forum, you can check it out here (Please note this is the test forum anything you post here will be deleted when we do the switch.
  • If your email address is associated with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Github you can log in with the social network. If not, for security reasons you will have to reset your password.
  • The forum switchover will take on Monday 20th Feb at 9 am GMT. We expect 12-24 hours downtime. During this time you won’t have access to the current forum or new forum.

What are the benefits:

  • Easily scalable system
  • Improved performance
  • Mobile optimised
  • Social login
  • Better email notification
  • Reply to post via email
  • You have more control over notification, bookmarks etc
  • Better search
  • You could check out the full feature list here



New 96Boards discussion forum has been launched today. We are testing for bugs and issues. If you find anything please post them here.

Due to security reasons, you need to reset your password to use the new system (Login > Forget password). For any query, please feel free to email me.




Hi Shovan

The Password thing works fine (login->forgot password).

But old links into the old forums are now broken. I received an email on the weekend about a post on the old forum:

Post Link:

but when I follow the link, I get to a page that says: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”.



the link above works for me, whether I am logged in or not in the forum…

but it brings me to the forum entry (on the new forum), but not on the specific post the URL mentioned. These links seem to have been lost.


Yes, I should have mentioned that I saw the same thing Nico is seeing. The link does take me to the new forums, just not to the discussion of interest.


The link redirects to How to enable spi and access it in Debian os. I can see all the original posts and comments. Seems to be working now?


yes it does seem to be working now. Thanks.

Now another small problem. in ‘code’ snippets the less-than and greater-than symbols have been changed to < and > sequences. A few other symbols seem to have similar corruptions.


It seems a lot of people are not getting notified of the replies in the posts.

After changing to the new, the users are not getting notified when someone replied to their posts.

Can we confirm it and do something about it?


Users should be getting a notification to Post they have replied to, can you let me know if there is a specific case. We can do further testing. I will check with @philip.colmer.

PS. If you are active or logged in to the forum, you might not get email notification, instead a notification on the forum,


Now I am getting the mail notifications.
Don’t know the exact reason.
I think now they are working.
Thank you


I have enabled this option in my ‘preferences’

Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site

which was not enabled by default. I don’t really want to rely on browser notifications…

Also, in the ‘preferences’ you can manually add categories (e.g. Dragonboard 410c) that you want to ‘watch’, in which case you will be getting emails for every message in this category.


For the extreme, enable mailing list mode and you’ll get notified on everything.


I’ve done the same thing (I suspect many of the forum regulars will).
However that stops us from observing the “default user experience” which
is the feedback is so useful here.

Actually I do wonder on the exact effect of the “Send me email
notifications even when I am active on the site” check box is (i.e. when
a user becomes “inactive”).