Need Working AOSP or Debian Image links

Hi ,
I flashed AOSP image following the links from
I am facing the issue which is , not able to add Account.
AOSP version seems to be 7.1

Well, then, I flashed Debian image following the same link. Now, the board booted to terminal, from which I can login as linaro:linaro.
But, I wanted a GUI :frowning: .

Can anybody point me to working Debian Image which can boot to GUI (Desktop Manager) or an AOSP image in which I can create new Account ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hikey or hikey960?
Could you try a snapshot (latest) from here:
and check if you reproduce the issue.

Well, then, I flashed Debian image following the same link. Now, the board booted to terminal, from which I can login as linaro:linaro.
But, I wanted a GUI :frowning: .

Which Debian image did you try? For some of the builds there are two options: developer (no GUI) and alip (LXDE).

@Loic ,
My board is Hikey
Basically, you want me to follow this page : , right ?
The links of img files point to aosp-master/latest

Will check and post the results here

OOPs, I used developer version.
The links provided in Documentation indeed point to
But, the wget links in point to developer images which I used :frowning:

So, can you tell me which all files I need to take for clarification :slight_smile:




One of these two (depending on which version of the hikey you have).

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What do you mean by that?
What kind of an account do you want to add?

Account as in Mail Account, gapps account etc

After flashing AOSP images from aosp-master, board didnt boot.
I dont have serial log, so, couldnt know where it got stuck.
Even android boot logo didnt appear

I was able to flash debian alip images and booted successfully.
Need to check stability yet, will keep you posted


You should be able to add an email account if you open and run the email application. Which is a terrible application, it doesn’t support IMAP IDLE, which means that it has to poll your email server to get updates. I’d suggest k9mail for email.

You aren’t going to get a “gapps” account, because there are no gapps. Google services are proprietary software, so they need to be licensed from google. Their proprietary nature makes them inconsistent with the objectives of AOSP and Linaro.

However, if you really need to install some element of interoperability with your google account, you have the FREE option of the microG project: – note that it requires a source code patch in order to enable itself to pretend to be google’s proprietary services, so patch, rebuild, install, setup. There will still be no play store, but there are alternatives to that as well. I like F-Droid myself; – which distributes open source software exclusively.

Now as far as the non-booting of AOSP master, it can be somewhat unstable. From one day to the next, it might not boot. I’d suggest starting with one of the “known good” manifests, which are basically somewhat tested snapshots of AOSP master.

Now there is one more thing about AOSP master. In January, it was switched to default to kernel 4.14. There are some graphics mode regressions in 4.14 that I don’t think have been cleared up yet, so there is a slight potential for that to be messing you up. You can run a build with kernel 4.9 to test that. Note that you need to do a full “make clean” or otherwise wipe the out/ directory when switching kernel versions. To build with 4.9 just set the variable TARGET_KERNEL_USE=4.9 when building, so build comes down to;

. build/
TARGET_KERNEL_USE=4.9 m -j$(nproc)

When build is complete, go into the path AOSP_ROOT/device/linaro/hikey/installer/hikey960/ and run ./

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Thanks for your elaboration.
My intention is to get gapps from AOSP ROM threads (from xda) and hoping that it would work.
I sideloaded play store app on stable AOSP rom (refer my 1st post) , but it seems to crash when adding Account.

I did saw f-droid, seems its all open source apps only

Currently, I dont have setup ready for compilation, need to prepare and see if microG project works out.
But, even for personal (and non-distributional purposes), is there any way to get playstore working on hikey AOSP ?


No legal way, and continuing this discussion would be a bad idea, since it is technically theft/piracy, and very much not recommended.

I will say this though; there is nothing that google services actually do that you can’t do BETTER with free software.