Need URGENT help with my spouse project


Hi guys,

I would like to confirm that i am a complete noob with all these things and merely following a video posted here.

Now, i am trying to help my spouse with her college project, where i am trying to compile the kernelconfig using make -j8 kernelconfig command.
However, in my screen the Industrial I/O support is completely empty. No drivers are listed as evident in this video at time 2.12.

Can someone point me in the right direction how to enable support for these sensors ? It is urgent for her project.



Not really a helpful answer I know, but, … have you tried some of the tutorials?

Maybe one of them will get you closer to success.


I am already using one of these tutes -

But this just says configure your adb setup using the PDF tutorial which does not work at all ?

Hope someone can help how to configure Industrial I/O support in kernelconfig of Snapdragon 410C.


I haven’t watched that video, but I’m familiar with PDF tutorials that don’t work. :slight_smile:

First off, I’m using the kernel from If you’re using something different, then your mileage may vary with the following.

I use a command like the following to bring up menuconfig:

$ make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- \
      KCONFIG_CONFIG=arch/arm64/configs/defconfig \
      olddefconfig menuconfig

If you get an error about not having that compiler, you can apt-get it under Debian “stretch”:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu

NOTE that you’ll almost certainly have to do the above under Debian “stretch”, since older gcc’s don’t seem to like the Dragonboard kernel sources. (There are probably additional compiler suppliers, i.e. Linaro.)

After you get the configuration how you want it, instructions similar to those at the following link will get you a kernel image, modules, and so on: