Need to read DDR frequency


We need to read and modify DDR frequency from userspace. Kindly let us know the procedure for the same. We work on Linaro-18 Linux release.

We have tried to use lshw and dmidecode to get the information but unable to get as board was rebooted abruptly.

Parth Y Shah

AFAIK, The root PLLs (including BIMC_PLL @ 533MHz) are configured during boot time and the clock frequencies cannot be changed.

Hi loic,

Thanks for your quick response. can you please tell us how we can monitor or read lpddr frequency from userspace, is there any sysfs entry or any utility available?

Parth Y Shah

Is there any update?

Well you can use debugfs to get clock rate (e.g. cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/bimc_pll/clk_rate)