Mux switch description for TB-96AioT is correct?

I got 96Boards SOM Core Board.

Attacted Picture is It is the setting as it is.

The Mux Switch setting is differ from guide document

Configure the MUX Switches on the Carrier Board as follows

  • The switches for TB-96AIoT are configured as follows
  • All switch on S1,S2,S6,S7 ,S10,S11,S12,S14,S15, config to disconnect.
  • All switch on S8,S9 config to connect for TFcard

This looked enough like an error in the docs that I added it to the documentation issues:

Is it just S14 and S15 where the docs are broken or are some of the others impossible as well (when read in conjunction with the base board hardware manual):

More detailed switch description on TB-96AIoT(will update the documents accordingly):

NPU or CPU UART Debug ports selection : voltage Level shifter enable S3/Bit4 and S5.

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM UART Debug: Bit4 on S3, S5

S3 Bits functions:

Bit1:Not used

Bit2: Not used

Bit3: Not used

Bit4: UART voltage

Only one UART debug port, Bit4 on S3 is ON with 3V3, Bit1/Bit2 of S5 are ON and Bit3/Bit4 of S5 are OFF

TF Card switches:S6/S7/S8/S9

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM

S6,S7,S10 are OFF and S8,S9 must be ON for TF Card.

High speed expansion SDIO port: S11/S12 switches

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM

all Bits of S11 and S12 are ON, and all Bits of S8,S9,S1,S2 are OFF.
During this case, the TF Card is forbidden to use.

JTAG switches: S10


The TB-96AIoT RK1808 SOM JTAG. Bit3,Bit4 of S10 are ON. All the switches on S8,S9 must be ON and all the switches of S6,S7,S1,S2,S11,S12 must be OFF.

JTAG and TF card can not work at the same time.

96Boards HS Speed USB2.0: S13

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM

The USB2.0 of HS speed USB2.0 and MiniPCIe are muxed.

The Bit1,Bit2,Bit4 of S13 must be ON. If MiniPCIE LTE Module is used, the Bit3 of S13 must be ON. If USB2.0 on High speed expansion connector is required,Bit3 of S13 must be OFF.

Display port switches: S14

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM(only 1 MIPI DSI supported)

If the MIPI DSI display port on RK LCD connector(J5001) is used, the Bit2 of S14 must be OFF.

If the MIPI display port on High speed expansion connector is used, the Bit2/Bit3 of S14 must be ON.

Notes: the DSI and eDP display of RK LCD connector(J5001) are the same.

The eDP display can be purchased by: display) or contact with

The DSI display can be purchased by:


Camera CSI switches: S15

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM

The RK1808 only has a MIPI CSI interface.

If the Bit2 of S15 is OFF, the MIPI CSI will be connected to CAM3 camera connector(CON1702).

If the Bit2 of S15 is ON and the Bit3 of S15 is OFF.The MIPI CSI will be connected to high speed expansion connector(CON509).

GPIO switches: S16

For TB-96AIOT RK1808 SOM


Bit2:RK1808 earphone plugin check

Bit3:RK1808 USB port Host Power enable.

Bit4: Void

The Bit2,Bit3 must be ON.