Multiple frame-buffer support in snapdragon 410 processor


I am wondering whether multiple frame-buffers for the same display is supported in Snapdragon processor. For example, Freescale/NXP i.MX6 series processors supports two frame-buffers for one display. We have applications written to use both frame-buffers. One frame-buffer /dev/fb0 used for QT UI and other frame-buffer /dev/fb1 used for native OpenGL waveform rendering. Alpha blending was enabled in the IPU such that blended output is rendered in the same LCD panel.

How can be achieve similar functionality in Dragonboard 410C. Does snapdragon chip supports multiple frame-buffers if so is it enabled in kernel.

OpenGL rendering is done via DRM/KMS interface, not via frame-buffer. I think the easier way for what you want to do is relying on a Window manager (Xorg). You can also directly rendering without having X11 (e.g.