Monitor and keyboard essential?

Hello DragonBoard gurus,

Can I boot and operate the DragonBoard 410c using a computer, say a Macbook, without buying a separate monitor and keyboard?


The Debian image is a good candidate since that allows you to run the board a bit like a tiny GNU/Linux server.

Once networking is setup (you can use a serial port or your TV for initial setup of networking) you can connect from the Mac via SSH to run text-mode commands. With a bit of further setup it is also possible to run graphical programs although don’t expect great performance if you try to push graphical programs via WiFi.

You will need a monitor and mouse initially to install the SD card image of Debian. After that, you can remove the monitor and mouse and use fastboot to flash the console-only “developer” release. Once there, you can use the serial terminal to connect to the board using eg: minicom, or you can ssh in once networking is set up.

While you’d think you should be able to use fastboot to flash the developer release from the get-go, I’ve found that it always fails on a new board until you’ve done the SD install first. It might have to do with partitioning but I’ve never looked into it.