Missing letters in Login screen and System settings

@danielt, @Loic,
Whenever I logout the session and try to login, letters are missing in the Login screen. And also, letters vanish in System settings page too.

I’m using Linaro snapshot-405, LXQT desktop and SDDM as Display Manager.

This is how the login page looks with the Breeze theme of SDDM.
I tried changing the theme of SDDM from Breeze to sugar-candy and still the problem exists.

This is the System settings page, with the disappeared letters.

What is the cause for these problems with the Display? How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance…!

Any update @danielt @Loic on this issue?

Thanks in advance…!

@Loic, @danielt

I am also facing this same issue in KDE system settings.
Initially, when opening the System settings, the display of the settings window is normal.
But, when any icon is clicked, the font/letters get collapsed and disappear like below:

I’m working with the latest debian snapshot-455 with kernel 4.14.
Here, the plasmashell version is 5.17.5 and OpenGL version is 3.1 Mesa 20.0.0
The default display manager is SDDM and the theme used is Breeze.

I tried changing the theme, but it didn’t work.

Any suggestion to debug this issue?


Hi Team,

facing the same issue. Any idea how to resolve this?