Miracast feature in linux debian 18.01 release



how to add support for miracast feature in linux debian 18.01 release in dragonboard410c?
we need to add in drm driver and userspace changes required?



I think you would have to start by working with Qualcomm to bring WiFi Direct support to the network driver on DB410C (Loic’s reply below really is about DB410C… the topic drifted):

After that I think the rest of the work is userspace because the WDS stack can rely on desktop capture if it needs to integrate with an existing display. Intel has a reference stack but it may require significant work to integrate:


Like @danielt said, for miracast (!=chromecast mirroring), the first layer you need is WiFi Direct/P2P, the wcn3620 seems to support P2P and firmware reports the feature. However, the current driver does not support it for now. The first step is then to implement it (probably based on information available in the downstream ‘qcom_wlan_prima’ driver).