Mipi DSI Displays with good daylight viewability


Hi all,

I’m awaiting my Dragonboard and I’ve been looking for Mipi DSI displays. It seems that there are a lot of competing standards in the embedded display arena but dsi isn’t common yet.

The Dragonboard documentation gives a good hand holding through setting up things for a DSI display but I’m at a loss to find one in small volume for testing especially with good daylight view-ability.


Keep in mind that the MIPI-DSI specification lays out the electrical signals and data packet formats, but does not specify a connector. Unlike USB, Display Port, or HDMI, every MIPI display has different physical connectors. You will need to design a pin-out adapter PCB to connect between the 410c and whichever display you come up with. The signals pins are too small to hand-wire, and even if you are really good with a soldering iron the MIPI-DSI signals are toggling at 1GHz so you need controlled impedance to get the signals across the wire with good signal integrity. When you do design the adapter PCB make sure that simulate the signal integrity and design with controller impedances.


I understood about the dealing with the pinout. That’s not much of a problem. I’ve been having difficulty for daylight viewable applications. Nobody seems to make available Transflective screens in Mipi DSI.

However, I believe I have found a solution which I’m working on Pursuing. The iPhone 3 / 3gs has a highly transflective screen and the iPhone 4 is less reflective but still transflective. The daylight viewability of an old iPhone 3 I found at work is actually staggeringly good. Well pas some of the cycle computers out there.


how were u able to interface 60 pin high speed expansion connector with mipi display.