MIPI CSI Camera support Hikey 960 and 970


I would like to know which MIPI CSI camera module can I use on HiKey 960 or 970 ? Should the camera have their own ISP ? Any additionnal information is welcome.


I’m trying to do something similar. Did you manage to find any Camera module that can be used with Hikey960 through MIPI CSI?


As per my understanding on HiKey970,

Should the camera have their own ISP?
Yes, 970 has ISP support and the HiKey970 ISP supports two MIPI CSI-2 with 4 DL (4 line MIPI port and 2 line MIPI port). So i think you can use any of MIPI CSI port to enable your camera. I haven’t tried practically yet but i will try it soon. Hope this helps. Thanks