Measure the energy consumption of Hikey960 with the Monsoon Power Monitor

I want to know if I can measure the energy consumption of Hikey960 with the Monsoon Power Monitor. Just as there is no lithium-ion battery on Hikey960.
How to measure energy consumption if you can? For example, how much voltage should be set, whether to connect a resistor, or even a lithium-ion battery?
Thank you very much.

OK, I have solved this problem.

FYI, a better / alternative energy meter to experiment with is the ACME Cape which is supported by devlib. Here are all the details:

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Hello, I also want to measure the power consumption of Hikey960 with Power Monitor , but I don’t know how to measure. I connected sense resistor with AUX channel in power monitor, but it didn’t work. Could you please share your experience to me? Thanks a lot!

I just have an attempt to set the voltage output to 12V with the main channel.
I am very happy to communicate with you.

For Global energy measurement, you can connect to the low-speed connector DCIN pin (pin 36/38). Your power monitor should be able to provide at least 8V (max 18V).

Thanks for your kindly reply ! I am happy to talk with you too!
Did you measure the energy consumption by sense resistor ?
I tried to measure the current of the sense resistor R401 (as following pic), but I cannot get expected output from power monitor.

Thank you very much for your help !
If I connect DCIN pin with power monitor, shall I connect the DC jack(P401) ?
Thanks again

No, but I’m not sure it’s worth to measure at this point since you should get the same value as at DCIN.

Did you read the Monsoon documentation about AUX port:

Note R401 is 0.001 ohm, and doc says:

The AUX channel has been designed to measure across 0.1 ohm sense resistors ONLY.

No, in that configuration the power monitor is the power source (unplug the DC jack).
Configure your power monitor with correct voltage before connecting it.

EDIT: as @danielt reminded me, If you’re using the LS connector to power the board and plan to perform high load testing (therefore high current draw), it’s recommended and safer to double the power wires, using both DCIN 36/38 pins for VIN and two pins for GND (e.g. 38/40). I also forgot to mention that for sure you can use the barrel jack instead of low-speed connector if you have a way to connect it to your power monitor.

I ignored 0.1ohm ONLY :joy:
I will have a try !
Thanks for your help !