Make it all available from one place


Why not making all u-boot and kernel sources available in a standard way like Github, instead of having to download a 50 GB virtual machine?

This way it’s easier to keep track of changes & easier to attract more developers

Why do I have to give my personal e-mail address and name to NovTech in order to download these files?

Also, since this board is developed by NovTech, where does Linaro/96Boards provide support?


Hi @vpecanins,

That’s a good point. We did bring this up to Novtech before but they said the VM stuffs works well for them to put all software together. But for the future boards, we will make sure that all software will be available in github. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We added upstream support for this board [1] in both Linux kernel and U-Boot but overall we do provide basic support in forum and paid support via Developer services.


[1] Upstream support status