Make command error , android build , dragon board qualcom 410E


Hi all, i m working android build on ubuntu 12.04 , where im getting error when i give " make " command, but when i give " make boot" , i m getting required image . But make is not working . And the errors

are make [out/host/obj/… / aidl_language_y.cpp] error 127 // this at the end of compilation

fatal:not a git repository :‘packages/apps/messaging/.git’

find:“dummy”:No such file or directory.

solution on this will be a great help.


I haven’t tried re-building Android on Ubunti 12.04. On Ubuntu 14.04 the instructions in the guide HERE worked well, but you had to ensure that all of the tools that you installed on the system were the right versions. On Ubuntu 16.04 the instructions didn’t work well until I got the right tools installed by following the setup instructions HERE. Android building is pretty fussy…