LoRa Wireless mezzanine cards


Hi all,

I would like to port my RPI Semtech SX127X library to my DragonBoard 410C device but can’t find a suitable card.

I managed to buy a Linksprite mezzanine but the documentation\schematics etc. seems to have gone so I assume it’s EoL.


Has anyone else used a 96Boards LoRa mezzanine. (I have had a look at the Rak wireless ones but they aren’t suitable)



I haven’t experimented with LoRa but it looks like the main interface to the SX127X family is SPI so you should be able to hook up a generic LoRa breakout board to a level shifter board (audio-mezz is a good level shifter for DB410C because it is priced pretty low, 96boards-sensor is also a good board but is more expensive).