Long Running Venus Encoder Fault


Hello I am working on a streaming video application and I have been seeing some issues while running video through Venus for a long period of time. Basically the video stream starts getting corrupted after several hours of use. I am not sure when it exactly goes down, but if I do not refresh the encoder by taking the RTP H264 stream down and bringing it back up again the stream becomes unplayable.

Is there a maximum length that I am hitting when leaving the encoder open for multiple hours? The only indicator of failure is a dmesg log entry indicating an “active buffer mismatch” from CAMSS. Could this be the culprit?


@svarbanov any idea?


Hi Rob, I cannot find such print in camss, could you point me to the exact message and also the what kernel version you are using. I haven’t seen such encoder behavior, so more info will be needed how that could be reproduced.