Linux on HiKey 960

I tried to build rpb to add more packages but rpb fails to build :

This query ended up cross-posted (twice). I suggest any discussion on Lucus’ post more to here:

Has anyone used the rpb-desktop image with success?

which snapshot, desktop, console?

I’ve just tested the following one which works on my side (console):

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Prepare AARCH64 toolchain from Linaro
Under this step, which version should be downloaded. How to know that

AFAIK, you can build with the latest release (7.2…).

fastboot doesnt work , but adb works,

susmitha@susmitha:~$ sudo fastboot devices
susmitha@susmitha:~$ sudo fastboot update
< waiting for device >
[1]+ Stopped sudo fastboot update
susmitha@susmitha:~$ sudo adb devices
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF device

Are there any steps to be done so that my devices is identified, i,e updating any drivers.
Kindly advise.

you need to put the device into fastboot mode.

  1. poweroff the device

2 at the back you will see three tiny dip switches. make sure they are in

3 power back on, now it should be in fastboot mode

1.I did that , but when then when i have them as ON/OFF/ON, the board doesnt event power up (,i.e doesnt give me any green led’s ).
2.When I have ON/OFF/OFF , then it turns on and then I change the switches to ON/OFF/ON.
3. After doing that, I go to the developer options and then click on the USB debug mode two times so that the board resets its configuration.

Yet when i do sudo fastboot devices, nothing happens

None of the LEDs light up when the board is in fastboot mode. The lights being off don’t necessarily mean the board isn’t powered on.

Where exactly is the linux image available. In order to fastboot, I need to have a shell script so that I can flash all. I have seen the linaro snapshots available for Hikey960 and they are all android.

Kindly could you please share the exact linux image link and steps so that I can follow.

Thanks in advance

You can find ‘Linux’ RPB snapshots here:

You can refer to the following topic for first-time flashing steps:

Thank you. In the link you provided for accessing the rpb yocto, when i go to the the link provided and access

Rocko-insale-gl->hikey960->latest->rpb-> There are a lot of files.

Am i supposed to flashboot all of them ?

Another question is with the step in the link

Flash RAM with recovery binaries

sudo ./hikey_idt -c config -p /dev/ttyUSB0

Once complete, your board switches into fastboot mode. Do not unplug the power.

Does this mean, I need not turn off the board to change the switches to ON, OFF,ON ??

Will the switch positions be in ON ON OFF while doing the fastboot ??

Correct, hikey_idt only loads binaries in ram, if you reboot you will lost them.

What peripheral devices are supported on the Hikey 960 once Linux has been installed? Would I be able to SSH into the board and use the USB 3.0 ports?

@earldean Which Linux version you have installed on hikey960?

@sumit.garg I have not installed a Linux version yet, is there a particular one I should install? I was planning on Ubuntu.

@earldean Use to build kernel image.

Is there any linux image that work on hikey960 which outputs HDMI ? I tried rpb-desktop-image-test-hikey960-20181026094402-168.rootfs.img.gz here: but it didn’t seem to work. Thanks