Linux Kernel 5.10 on the Hikey960?

Over the past few months quite a lot of additions for ARM based devices have been made to allow the mainline Linux kernel to be the base for Android devices supported fully via AOSP. Now that the Hikey960 is one of these devices I was wondering if anyone already tried to setup the Hikey960 with Linux 5.10+ and Android or another distribution.

Furthermore, what would it take to get it running with Android/another distribution?

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+1, that would be very useful to have an upstream kernel and/or a recent distribution on the Hikey960 board.
I would like to help if possible, I would gladly take any pointer to start the work.

I am sorry for my late answer, it got quite busy at work. So far I tried to play around a bit with modifying existing images and including, e.g., a newer kernel in existing boot images like it is done in Android, but to no avail. I am currently looking in trying to work around the existing Debian setup and upgrading the kernel and maybe even change some more in the longterm