Linux Integration Snapshot

On, the latest “linux-integration”, 237, is kernel v5.0-rc4 from 28 Jan 2019.
Is this because the “MACHINE” name has been changed?,label=docker-stretch-amd64/237/,label=docker-stretch-amd64/271/


no, it’s because we updated the location where we publish these images, they are here now:

The reason is that these builds are not really ‘96boards’ builds, but builds that we use for CI/internal testing.

Thanks for the link ndec.

It would appear that linux-integration snapshots since 257 do not boot, or more specifically, 237, 239, 255, 256 boot and 257, 260, 264, 272 do not, at least not by fastboot.
For example:
# fastboot boot boot-rootfs-linux-integration-v5.0-rc7-233-g01d2757b1757-256-apq8096-db820c.img
Downloading ‘boot.img’ OKAY [ 0.817s]
booting OKAY [ 0.377s]
Finished. Total time: 1.218s
# fastboot boot boot-rootfs-linux-integration-v5.0-rc7-234-g6235e0f0b13a-257-apq8096-db820c.img
Downloading ‘boot.img’ OKAY [ 0.943s]
booting FAILED (Status read failed (No such device))
Finished. Total time: 7.460s

With the failed boots, LK from dragonboard-820c-bootloader-ufs-linux-46 hangs at:
[9220] decompressing kernel image: start
[9500] decompressing kernel image: done

Successful boots continue with:
[9520] qcom,msm-id entry not found
[9520] Only one appended non-skales DTB, select it.
[9530] cmdline: root=/dev/ram0 init=/init rw console=tty0 console=ttyMSM0,115200n8 androidboot.bootdevice=624000.ufshc androidboot.verifiedbootstate=orange androidboot.veritymode=enforcing androidboot.serialno=683393bf androidboot.baseband=apq mdss_mdp.panel=0
[9550] Updating device tree: start
[9550] Updating device tree: done
[9550] Return value from recv_data: 14
[9560] RPM GLINK UnInit
[9560] Qseecom De-Init Done in Appsbl
[9560] booting linux @ 0x80080000, ramdisk @ 0x84000000 (21138672), tags/device tree @ 0x83e00000
[9570] Jumping to kernel via monitor

Is this a known issue?