LCD touch screen for hikey


Hi guys,

I am looking for an LCD touch screen for hikey.
Either HDMI or other high-speed expansion header interface is ok for me.
But looking for something which will work.

What HDMI touch screen do I recommend to work with the 410C dragonboard developing on IoT windows?

Something which will work with few tweaks or no tweaks.
Using android as os.


@vchong Can you help me in this?

I saw a lot of threads but didn’t find the good one.

I am looking for LCD with touch working.


I found a link hdmi touch screen.

He said that it working but he didn’t mention about hikey.

Can I use it for hikey?

@shovan I saw you commented there. Can you help me in this.


Please take a look here which supplies by LeMaker


I saw those and in their document, they said touch is not working.
I want the touch also working.


I think there is a touch screen variant - please directly contact LeMaker.


At the moment, I personally use the following with HiKey:

Though its not without drawbacks. Its a bit expensive, and at 1080p I see some noise in some colors (green/pink), and finally the touch sensor has a quirk where it sends a number of touch events when you lift your finger, which confuses the scrolling fling momentum logic a bit.


Thank you for the information. But I am using android, am I need to install any drivers or just connecting the monitor will work.


It should just work, though with the caveats already listed.