LAN port height?

That LAN port looks like its in the max 4mm area. I’m having a hard time seeing how an RJ45 socket can possibly fit in that area.

Well, if you consider only the ‘mother’ board, it’s indeed over the 4mm, but as a whole (board + default mezzanine), I would say it complies with the 4mm, allowing you to stack other mezzanines.

Appreciate the picture of it. Thank you for that.
But there is a problem with looking at it like that, which is that if you take the surface of the included mezzanine as the top of the board, then the main plugs are too low. It is also disappointing that the antennas are built into the mezzanine. I was hoping that there would be some option eventually for just the SBC without the kit, which is prohibitively expensive and doesnt offer anything I (or I imagine most) would find useful. Robots are cool, but very niche. I think it would have been a lot better if they would have designed the SBC as general purpose and offer the robotics kit as an optional add-on.

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There are wifi antennas on the base board as well, if you don’t want to use the mezzanine.