Lakka testing image

I’m building an install image for the lakka dragonboard development version. Is there an approved place to share/upload 3rd party images?

Getting some testing & reports underway should speed up inclusion in the main branch.


that looks interesting… not sure if we have one, but I can ask around. Out of curiosity, do you have instructions (even rough) to build a ‘working’ for 410c? Do you have 410c patches/BSP available?

I’m working on the working, another community guy whos is better than me set it up with the BSPs but I dont think he has a testing machine. It hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped, but I’m gonna keep plugging away.

We should also be seeing libreelec support fairly soon!

I’ve built the image successfully ( took them moving to LE 92 to make it easy), the install instructions are way different than most lakka images.

Instructions are HERE

image is HERE

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