Kernel Versions

Has work on kernel versions after 5.10 for the DB410 stopped?
The cadence of kernel versions until 5.10 was quite brisk.
I can see from the Linaro qcom tree that the qcom rb5 has progessed to 5.12
Is there a link to a kernel development roadmap for the DB410 I could look at?
The reason I ask is that has been some upstream work carried out on CAN/J1939 that I’m having to create backports for.

it has not stopped… but it’s largely a ‘community’ efforts for DB410c these days, so we try to squeeze a release when we find the time :wink:

That said, for DB410c, I believe most of the code is upstream, so it should be rather straightforward to upgrade the kernel to the latest version from I don’t know if you use Debian or OE or anything else though…

If you try it and face any issue with upstream, please report them, we will help.

Thanks that’s great information.
I’ll have a look at upstream versions and pass on any patches I develop.

Sorry, I didn’t answer your question.
I’m using an Openembedd/Yocto enviroment.