JTAG FW upload?

Is it possible to use JTAG to load an image onto the APQ8016E ?

Hi @decibel08

The JTAG signals are on the surface of the PCB at the test points. you will need to solder some leads onto the test points out to a standard JTAG connector then you can connect your JTAG tool (FlySwatter or similar).

The next part of the problem is getting into the chip. We did a little bit of work on making OpenOCD work with the Qualcomm Chips, however the people that did the work are no-longer with Qualcomm, so we ‘released’ the changes to OpenOCD. The changes are here: https://github.com/mentalbee/openocd64ref If you would like to pick up this work and extend on it feel free to take the code and use it as you wish. I have no idea if any of this works, or if you will be able to make it work…

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