Issue with dragonboard 410c and screen resolution of AUO 17 inch LCD screen

Our team use dragonboard and AUO 17 inch LCD screen. Sadly, Android OS looks stretched on this screen. I tried to change resolution via shell: adb shell wm size 1280x1024 but failed:

  • it produce black areas on left and right parts of the screen
  • display reacts on touch in original position rather than where current position of the icon.

Have you ever faced with this issue? What is the cause of it and possible solution? All help will be appreciated.


Link on display example:

how the panel interfaced with 410c board?
auo panel is lvds panel having lvds interface.

you have to change in arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/apq8016-sbc.dtsi , if required need to create dsi-panel*.dtsi and map it in to
qcom,dsi-pref-prim-pan = <&dsi_adv7533_1080p>;