Issue with 410c D3 Camera Mezzanine set-up @ the make defconfig distro.config step

Building and deploying the boot and rootfs images

I followed the instructions for the set-up of the camera but the directions are so limited I can’t proceed and be successful. I did the downloads but was not told where the files go. I did the set-up as instructed but when I
execute -->

make defconfig distro.config

I get the error
make: *** No rule to make target ‘deconfig’. Stop.

I review the Makefile in Kernal directory and there is no “deconfig” in the Makefile in that directory. Where is the Makefile?

Hope you can help me or point me to a good set of instructions that work?


I don’t think D3 ever updated their documentation for the newer releases such as 18.01 .

There is a general introduction to CSI camera on DB410C here:

In the middle of this guide is the following:

The Linaro release is configured with no camera and users with camera are expected to configure
the DTS file accordingly. Please check commit …

Here I would recommend using dt-update instead to make the DTS changes for you:


Thanks for the reply. I’m newer to this I think than you all and at least need a set of specific and current instructions that can work with the D3 OV5640 board I purchased. I’m not at the point where I can look at a similar install and understand how it would apply to my case. I sent an e-mail to D3 and will send next to Arrow & Qualcomm. I gave it the best shot I had for two weeks.


I guess in the end it is up to you how you want to proceed.

However… the forum is here to help and since D3 wrote their guide there have been several changes ot the DB410C release to make it much easier to get a camera going (for a start it is no longer required to compile a kernel… since that is what is causing trouble for you I figured adopting an approach where this is not needed is a good thing :wink: ).

It’s a long time since I trials it myself but as far as I recall, you can install the 18.01 release for DB410C and then run the dt-update command from the second link I posted you and the camera is working. All the rest of the guide (first link I sent to) is offering you clue of what you can do with the camera once it is working (record videos, etc).

I’m actually moved by your response. It seems you took the next step in helping me. I will try again with your response and see if I can do it. I will keep you posted. I am very very interested in getting this working. I have several projects I want to help set the foundation for. Need to wait until the weekend. My day job is demanding…


Don’t worry. My day job is demanding too!

Actually another thread suggests I was slightly forgetful in my last message (perhaps I was running a testing release). I’d therefore recommend you check up on the status of this thread before doing any hacking this weekend (if it still looks confusing I’d do something else and come back in a week or two):