ISP1 support on mainline


According to the ISP/Camera is support since kernel 4.14 upstream. But when I look at upstream dts ( ), only the iommu is defined. I’m missing something ?
Is there any plan to push this upstream ? BTW, the upstream support is really great. I still remember those times where you needed to rebase at least 100 patches to boot an embedded linux :smiley:



RK3399 ISP is not upstreamed yet. Folks from collabora are working on upstreaming it currently.

Do you have any pointer to some git branch ? I saw that the patch were submitted upstream last year: has anybody some more up to date code ?

I don’t have any link to their git tree but they told me that they’ll post the patchset to mailing list soon.

Here is the link to latest patchset:

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Thanks for the heads up, we will be testing it soon !