Is there any user guide for the JTAG port


Hi, I want to use the on-board 8-pin JTAG port to debug my project. My JTAG debugger is a JnD tech’s codeviser, it can recognize the 4 Cortex-A53 cores, but it failed to attach to and control them.
I checked the debugger’s configuration, it seems there are several base addresses related to coresight should be configured, but I couldn’t find anything about the Hi3798C V200 CPU.

so does any one have any success experience with JTAG debugging on Poplar? is there any recommended JTAG debugger I could try with?



Hi @xeric

Did you see the OpenOCD patch proposed for poplar: ? That should give you most of the values you need.



finally I got it working: Hi3798 used APB to debug CPU cores, but my debugger’s default choice is AHB, so the debug access point number should be changed from 1 (AHB by default) to 0 (APB).


Thanks for posting the update… Success stories really make the forum a better place!


Hi. Can you help me with jtag connection to Hi3798? I cant find pinout for that chip. Do you have datasheet? thanx in advance!


@dd2 Please check page 23 of Poplar schematics to see if that’s what you are looking for.


Thanks a lot for answer. But i need Hi3798 pin numbers.


Looks like i need that document (datasheet 02)

page 10 from


Sorry. I have no permission to share that document. Are you asking pin maps/positions of JTAG pins? If yes, may I ask why you need to know that?


hmm. I need it for debug my android tv box. I found SDK for that chip on Chinese torrent, yestorday :D. Why you dont have permission to share that document? Some license reasons?