Is there any android 10 version can work on hikey960?

Is there any android Q version can work on hikey960 and meanwhile chre system also can worked.
I downloaded some android Q/R factory images from, but the images has no feature about sensorhub. I use neonkey as sensorhub here.
which version later than P can work with sensorhub?


If look into the page [1], I think you could build AOSP images with AOSP master branch to support neonkey sensor hub. Does this meet the requirement?


master branch can support? I tried 2 months ago on master branch, it cannot even build on hikey960 with sensorhub support.

Right, and what you learned 2 months ago, is that sensorhub support has been dropped. It won’t be supported again, except possibly if somebody with an interest in it takes on support of it.

That means that the code for it remains indefinitely available, but if you’re interested in making it work, its up to you to fix and adapt it to your needs.

I can build NeonKey sensor hub successfully with AOSP master branch with below commands:

$ repo init -u -b master
$ repo sync -j24
$ . ./build/
$ lunch hikey960-userdebug
$ . device/google/contexthub/firmware/
$ make -C device/google/contexthub/firmware/variant/neonkey

So finally, I can get below info:

Symcheck found nothing bad. Proceeding                                                                                 
/home/leo.yan/toolchains/gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_3-2016q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-objcopy -j .data -j .text -I elf32-littlearm -O
 binary out/nanohub/neonkey/os.checked.elf out/nanohub/neonkey/os.checked.bin                                          
mkdir -p out/nanohub/neonkey/                                                                                          
cat out/nanohub/neonkey/bl.unchecked.bin out/nanohub/neonkey/os.checked.bin > out/nanohub/neonkey/full.bin             
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/leo.yan/aosp2/device/google/contexthub/firmware'                                     
make: Leaving directory '/home/leo.yan/aosp2/device/google/contexthub/firmware/variant/neonkey'                        
#### build completed successfully (10 seconds) ####                                                                    

It can build binary, but it failed to make image with the command: