Is there an Assembly Drawing available for the 410c?


Hi There,

I’m using the the DragonBoard 410c as a jumping off point for a full custom hardware design for the APQ 8016E processor. I’ve been able to measure and answer several of my own questions for items which I wasn’t able to find in any of the official documentation. However, this hasn’t been easy.

I’m going to be performing the modifications the the board next to change the VPH_PWR source over to battery to perform additional measurements. However, the schematic mentions that I have to remove several resistors including R106 to make this change take effect.

So far I’ve found a BOM, Schematic, and software resources to help me. However, I haven’t found an assembly drawing (PDF or otherwise) to show me where I can find components with different reference designators. All of the small components are placed without a silk screen label nearby so this is getting challenging to do. I understand not wanting to give out gerbers or design files but a simple parts placement drawing is a very standard item to provide as a reference.

Is there a PDF or similar file available somewhere which shows the component placement on the board? This would be incredibly useful for someone like me who’s using this platform to perform tests.

Maybe I’m missing it somewhere.

Thank you!


I don’t recall ever seeing a diagram like this for DB410C. For sure, its not in the list of documents 96Boards vendors are required to supply.