Is there a basic guide to installing Linux on Hikey960?

Hi @Delgankar,

Sorry for the unclear pointer! You have flashed Hisilicon’s proprietary bootloader but you should have flashed ATF+UEFI as mentioned in:

After flashing base firmware and bootloader, please flash boot and rootfs images also.


Hi @Mani

I did just that and something odd happened…
At first, I installed the new firmware and the Debian images but I still had the exact same issues (with still the last 4 CPUs which failed to boot) but then I tried to re-install everything and when I ran for the second time, the Hikey960 booted on his own ! With the LED1 actually blinking at heartbeat as you said and not remaining ON as before… Even the bluetooth LED was ON…
(the switches were still on ON-ON-OFF)
And now, I can type in the UART console as if it had correctly booted but when I took a look in the logs, I saw that only the first CPU had booted…
(here’s the UART log : - we can see at line 653 that I can type in the console)
while the host console remains stuck at :

Sleeping till device resets… zzz
< waiting for any device >

I tried then to turn it off and reboot correctly (switches on ON-OFF-OFF) but still the same error as before : no access to the UART console, ‘only’ 4 CPUs down and LED1 remaining ON and not blinking…

I am lost here ; what am I doing wrong ?
Again, thanks for your help !

@Delgankar Please check if you have downloaded firmware, boot and Debian images from location.


Yes, for the firmware, I used the files provided here :
And I used boot and Debian Images provided here :

(btw I noted that boot and Debian Images are for hikey and not hikey960 ; isn’t it a possible source of the issue ? In the hikey960 directory however, there is no linux images ; only AOSP…)

Hi @Delgankar,

TBH I have no clue of what’s going wrong in your board. If you have flashed the latest firmwares you should not see the PSCI issue (secondary CPUs not booting).

Btw, the debian locations are common for both HiKey and HiKey960 since the same source is used for both boards.