Is it possible to do a headless setup of the dragonboard 845c with the Linaro Debian OS?

I would like to ssh into the 845c, that is without requiring a screen and keyboard. I followed these instructions to install the linux distro, but when I connect the board to the network (through ethernet) and find its IP, it refuses connection through SSH with PuTTY.

Yes, it is possible, and should work if you installed one of the Debian (or OpenEmbedded) based images released by Linaro. Please be more specific about which release/builds variants you’ve installed, and provide more details about your SSH connection issue (which user, passwd, …). If you could setup/check debug UART log that might be useful to debug further.

Thanks, I am using the latest linaro Debian image, I was able to ssh in using PuTTY. Using user: linaro, passwd: linaro.