Is it possible 64bit Kernel with 32bit Rootfs

Hi All,

I’m a newbie for playing opensource board. I have been get the Bubblegum-96 today.

It’s amazing geekbench2 results as 2989,

Now I have a old 32bits rootfs, It’s a debian-jessie-armhf. I have no idea if it possible to flash 32 bits debian-jessie-armhf and also keep the kernel as 64bit?

thanks ~

The honest answer is that it might do and that you should try it and see!

ARMv8 includes an almost compatible 32-bit mode. It is “almost” compatible simply because there are a small number of obsoleted and deprecated instructions that are no longer implemented in hardware. However providing the kernel traps and emulates enough of those instructions, then compatibility should be very good.

That said, I’ve not tried this personally and am not entirely sure how the kernel for bubblegum-96 is configured out-of-the-box. So my advice is try it… and it would be great to hear your results.