Is dragonboard 410c had a inbuild GSM...?



Uhm, well the answer is “sortof, maybe”.

The “maybe” part has to do with the SoC; some DB410c’s ship with APQ8016, and others ship with MSM8916. They are technically the same part, but the APQ versions failed modem tests and had the respective fuses blown to fully disable it. So if you happen to get one with the MSM8916, then technically it has a modem… sortof. The reason I say “sortof” and not “yes”, is that though it may HAVE a modem, it isn’t actually wired up to anything. So it is impossible to use.


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Can you suggest some other board which is having the ability to deal GSM.?


No. Nor is there any justifiable reason for such a board to have one.
Plug one in via USB and call it good.



I am just asking for curiosity. Why it failed from the tests?


Manufacturing semi-conductors is not 100% reliable so after manufacture each chip is subject to testing to make sure it can been correctly manufactured.

In some cases, a device may be useful even if there are problems with some of its circuitry. The classic example comes in the PC space where processors are sold at high prices if all the cache RAM works and at lower prices if some of the cache is disabled.


Google: Silicon Binning


LTE, not sure about gsm


Thank you, it is out of topic but good knowledge.

What do you think, maybe qualcomm 800, 600 or 400 modules are manufactured in this way too? They always aim to manufacture 800 but if something not qualified enough they restrict and sell as lower rank soc?


400, 600 and 800 all use different processor micro-architectures (Cortex-A53, Krait, Kyro, etc) so one could not become another via fuses. It has crossed my mind that some of the very similar parts (820 and 821 for example) might use speed binning but equally there could be other factors at play (if the quality of the manufacturing process improves then an existing design might become capable of clocking faster across the board).


i think I remember this happening with one of the AMD GPUs with a simple bios hack they were able to make a mid tier gpu perform and show up and perform as a high tier gpu. Apparently things were only disabled in the bios and not physically on the gpu.