Is camera working on db820c with release/qcomlt-4.14 branch?


Can you please confirm if camera is working fine on db820c with release/qcomlt-4.14 branch ?
I am facing issue in getting proper preview up with ov5640 using this branch.



I guess CSI2 cameras (such as OV5640/OV5645) are not support yet. They will soon be supported, according to other threads in this forum :


Thanks. But I can see that camera changes are already integrated.



Yes. You’re right. Some kernel files indicate that the cameras area already supported (at least in a “hardware” perspective).

But, this doesn’t mean that the software packages (V4L2 backend, v4l-utils, GStreamer, etc) are ready for supporting the cameras.

I hope we can get an official confirmation from Linaro, anytime soon.


Camera is now working fine on release/qcomlt-4.14 branch.



Please can you share the path of this.