IoT Core Force Display Resolution?

I am using DragonBoard 410 c with IoT Core, previously i was using Raspberry pi 3 with IoT Core, where I was able to adjust the display screen resolution through device portal. But when i use the DragonBoard 410 c with IoT Core the device portal shows only (1280x720), i was unable to change the resolution combo box. When i contacted the technical support Qualcomm they suggested this,
but it works only for Linux and not for IoT core, is there any work around so that i can modify the display resolution ?

IoT Core as in Win 10 IoT Core? It is possible Qualcomm support has provided bad advice because that was not entirely clear of the question! Anyhow I believe the Win10 IoT code to support DB410C has a fixed resolution. Further I don’t think the source code for the BSP has been published so this cannot be changed without assistance (or code) from Qualcomm.

Hi thanks for the reply.May be I should wait and try to get some support form QC.