Information please new board 970



Hi, I’m a new user
I would like more info on the new Hikey 970 board
my questions are the following:

  1. runs Ubuntu and Debian Linux ?, I run Ubuntu and other distro linux in the future?
  2. how much is the board for Europe Italy?
  3. When will it be available?
  4. How supported is SSD will work with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB SSDs?
    Thank you and I await your answers.


The plan is to have Debian support for this board. Not sure how much it will be in Italy after delivery and taxes… I think you’ll have to wait for the board to be available for that. We’re expecting it “real soon” (e.g. weeks not months) but ultimately it is not up to us… it is something the board vendor has to decide.

Finally I’ve not seen schematics nor a list of tested SSDs. However it does have a PCI bridge which fans out to onboard ethernet as well as both M.2 (M key style) and mini PCIe connectors. That should permit a fairly wide range of SSD devices to be connected.


We have launched a preliminary documentation set on the 96Boards documentation repository. HiKey970 section can be found here ; however, you will notice there are still many sections which have not been modified out of the template.

We hope to have the page fully launched by the end of next week. This will include the website landing page, documentation and forum section.

[1] Documentation:
[2] Forum:
[3] Webpage (not yet available):
[4] Buy now:

For more updates, please join the #96boards or #OpenHours IRC channels.