Inconsistent WiFi


Having wifi inconsistencies on my DB410c (linaro 4.9.56) - and just saw this thread.
Any news about how to improve the dragonboard wifi?


Updating to the latest release (or even snapshot) is the most obvious thing to do. Whilst there are still some problems with the latest code base they contain a great many fixes compared to the old v4.9 kernels.


Where can I see the list of available kernel versions and their dates?

So you believe it’s a software problem and not a hardware problem?


There were many important WiFi fixes made between 17.09 and 18.01 and IIRC also since 18.01 (these fixes are only available in snapshots right now). It is possible you will still be affected by the bugs that still remain (I believe there is only one remaining known bug) but until all the known fixes are applied it would impossible to say.


The big issue (and original topic of this thread) was connection hang during scan (which are triggered frequently), this problem has been fixed now (in 18.01 and later). Like Daniel said, you should update to a latest release (or better, to a latest snapshot).


So 17.09 -> is kernel 4.9
And 18.01-> is kernel 4.14

Okay. Do you know when this 18.01 version will be stable and available as a source code and not as a snapshot?


18.01 is already a stable release (18.01 is the release year and month).


Although I think strictly speaking the final testing took longer than planned and it released in very early Feb :wink:


Just got a 410c and the wireless connection is a mess. I tried linaro-buster-installer-dragonboard-410c-359. I even tried linaro-buster-developer-dragonboard-410c-359, setting up the network through “nmcli dev wifi connect.” The wifi stops working for minutes at a time and then will start working for a minute and then stop again. I’ve been trying to make this board do something useful for 8 hours and I’m so upset.


Spent all morning trying build 491 (latest) and it’s an improvement but it isn’t great. I am at least able to apt-get update and upgrade but there are still wifi disconnects every several minutes.


Same here. I’ve created a script that continuously pings my router and reconnects to the network if it fails. That only works for about a day, then it fails to reconnect automatically. It’s really a shame, it is a great board, but this makes it unusable for most of my projects.
Also, take care with apt-get upgrade when running snapshots. It will fail to reboot the last time I checked.


Any WiFi related trace in ‘dmesg’? connection is stable on my side.
Could you describe your configuration (ap model, security, channel…), ideally an air capture could help (e.g. with wireshark).


In my experience, the simplest solution is often overlooked and usually is the correct one.

The wifi antenna on a db410c is nothing more than a trace on the PCB. Better than nothing at all, but not by much. Make sure it is getting a good strong signal, not too far from AP or repeater, and it can’t put up with too much interference in the very crowded 2.4 GHz spectrum – especially if you have ANY Bluetooth devices running nearby. Bluetooth is the mortal enemy of wifi and will easily bring wifi to its knees.