I2C with ADS1015


How can I read a value from the ADS1015 ADC on the Dragonboard?
Here is the ADC: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1083
I have a sensor that outputs a voltage as an analog signal, so i needed to convert that to something the dragonboard can udnerstand since it doesn’t have analog ports, so I got this breakout.
Side Question: the sensor also asks for the voltage to change from 5V to 1.8V every 60 Seconds; how could i make this happen? On an arduino it’s just writing to an analog out but i know that isn’t possible with dragonboard so…



Hi DustinKazi

There’s a video here for interfacing i2c…

As for your side question, I’m not sure but there must be DACs out there. Maybe this: