I would like to buy only a DragonBoard 845c (not the full robotics kid). Is this possible?

I do AOSP development and I am pretty sure that the robotics kit will only be of limited use with the AOSP running on the board.
I don’t see the option to buy only the board.
Will it be possible to buy just the board for AOSP development?


Unfortunately the board is only available as a part of the RB3 kit, I agree that being able to buy it separately would be nice.

It’s quite strange, because Google is featuring it as one of the supported boards for the AOSP, but Google doesn’t say anything about the robotics kit.

I am specifically interested in this board over the other 2 boards Google features because it has 4 camera ports, and would be for Android Automotive development.

One more comment.

I think 96boards has a good chance to sell a lot of DragonBoard 845c if you would sell only the boards. After all, you have Google marketing them for you.

Last time my company bought a round of dev boards, we bought about 100 of them. But we won’t buy the robotics kits. (too much money, and a lot of unused stuff). I don’t think we would be the only ones buying it.

Please consider making the board available without the robotics kit. I would propose including a power supply, USB cable and board. That would be enough.

96boards is not a vendor or manufacturer. 96boards is an organization that defines specifications that various vendors use to build boards so that they are compatible with each other from a hardware interface perspective.

My recommendation would be for you to pick a different board, like the dragonboard 820c made by Arrow electronics, which is more correctly compliant with the specifications, easier to obtain, and doesn’t come with unneeded box of junk.

@doitright is correct, Qualcomm and now (with the db845c and future boards) Thundercomm are designing the actual boards and choose which products they want to put them in. And unfortunately for the db845c it just isn’t available standalone, but only through the RB3 kit.

As for the db820c, I would stay clear of it since was only produced in small quantities and while we do our best to support it, it is the least well supported of the db410c/db820c/db845c. The db410c is rock solid though, but quite old at this point.

They seem to have the production issues for the db820c sorted out now, and as for support, it really doesn’t need much. Only a few changes on top of mainline and its all there. I’ll be rebasing everything needed onto 5.10 sometime after the end of this week.