I like to experiment with the device but now I would like to know more "First Debian"

I’ll be browsing the forum here next time. Formulating questions is not really easy. :wink:
But i have so manny , nooooooo

Google helped me to write in English and I’ll start with two basic questions. I have lost track of the redesigned linaro website and 96boards realease / build / snapshots domains. But recently I found a nice Debian_stetch_developer / alip archive with the matching boot images. Before I try all now knows someone of you a debian stretch alip version (with mali-gpu driver) would be glad if this is available. If there were, I would definitely need a matching UEFI, Fastboot, l-loader, fib, nvme, and the python file to do that. These are the things I never had to do myself. I was not able to draw the appropriate boot-image to the kernel from the templates of the public images. the best to configure everything but I can not find any instructions. I think if I understood that I would like to think about android. But first Debian must fulfill its purpose.

Thank you for your attention

best regards

Please try our new snapshot image:

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Hello Mani,
i’ve had a lot of issues with all UEFI / Fastboot / Grub and
its debug or release variants. But I’ll take a try.
And I’ll tell you about it.
Is there something to know I should use with care?

Oh, one thing, really annoys me at every Debian Realease.
Ok, it’s not really necessary for my project to use the GPU
and a graphical workspace.
But every Android release insert a working GPU communication unit for the
graphical interface.
I need to install a own cooling system for all these beautiful colors. :vulcan_salute:
I know about thes wayland projekt and … ok its enough

next time, I’ll report to you


Everything OK,
the device works stable.
The upload of all files went without any problems.

Thanks alot
I will continue to report on my experience


Oh, one thing, let me know is someone there knows about
communicate with the GPU for whatever these
OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, OpenVG 1.1, 2000Mega@500 MHz,
110M triangle@500 MHz, and 32G flops@500MHz,
1080p@30 fps HD video encoding, supporting 1080p@30 fps HD camera
1080p@30 fps HD video decoding Supports H.264,
SVC, MPEG1/2/4, H.263, VC-1, WMV9, DivX, RV8/9/10, AVS, VP8.
find their use.