While building firmware for I.IMX8X_AI_ML_Board I am getting error as "Import error: cannot import name ‘MutableMapping’ from ‘collections’ (/usr/lib/python3.10/collections/init.py)’
Can anyone help me to resolve this problem

What build instructions are you following and what step is causing trouble?

Sir, am following the steps given in this file https://github.com/ArrowElectronics/I.IMX8X_AI_ML/blob/main/Kernel_5_4_47/Yocto_build_manual_step_aiml.txt
Am getting error at the step “bitbake -v imx-image-full”
after running this code am getting the error which I have mentioned above.
I tried to change the python version from 3.10 to version 2.7 also but it is not changing in my terminal

Looks like the host distro you are using to build is too new. From the dates I’d guess this was built and tested using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

OK sir,
I will try it in Ubuntu 18.04 version

while executing it in ubuntu18.04 i got error while applying patch that
“error:patch failed:meta-bsp/recipes-support/opencv/opencv_4.2.0.imx.bb:4”
every time i get error at this step only

error: patch failed: meta-bsp/recipes-support/opencv/opencv_4.2.0.imx.bb:4
error: meta-bsp/recipes-support/opencv/opencv_4.2.0.imx.bb: patch does not apply
Patch failed at 0007 IMX8:Updated opencv_4.2.0.imx.bb to commit f70f223

this is the error
Kindly help to resolve this problem