I found out some problem in hikey 970 gpu driver

hi i faced some problem when I test my game maybe on gpu driver

i have almost 100% confidence of this issue because i bought hikey 960 too

and then there aren’t any problems when i play game on hikey 960

but hikey 970 has some rendering issue maybe it is related to gpu driver please i want to use hikey970 than hikey 960 correctly

Reference under the two pictures on same game

first, it is hikey 970 capture on same scene


and it is hikey 960 capture on same scene


I think almost 99% it is graphic driver issue in hikey 970

please… i cannot resolve this because it is related to arm ddk license

so… i just can change so file(graphic driver in hikey970) but how?.. please provide correct gpu driver (user binary) in hikey 970

i think it is your responsibility for customers