I changed heat sink to something better

Don’t try removing the heatsink. Just remove the fans from above it and put them so that they blow ACROSS THE BOARD rather than just down onto the top of it.

I know. I had a vertical fan before. And I agree, with great success. Now, this setup is mechanically sound and nothing is lingering around with about equivalent heat characteristics.

Another reminder:


I was stupid enough to try, the EMMC chip broke and my board is a dud now.

hope to have warned you all properly.

I decided to take the risk, as my device does not boot anyway. I decided to use the fact that the CPU chip is a bit taller than the UFS chip, as already noted by someone. Thus, there is more thermal paste above the UFS chip, and it is easier to reach. But first I put a lot of BGA Ic Adhesive removing liquid under the heatsink. It’s chemically very aggressive, maybe it relaxed the thermal paste a bit. Then I started to cut the paste above the UFS with a snap-off blade very carefully, and the heatsink disconnected without almost any force. The condition of my device has not worsened, but as I mentioned, it won’t boot further after trusted firmware - perhaps the UFS chip is dead anyway :smile: