I can't download dragonboard debian installation file

Hi Support engineer,

These two days I tried to download the file of dragonboard410c_sdcard_install_debian-260.zip, but I always encounter such a issue, please see the attached screenshot:

It just failed at last when the whole file is downloaded.

Could you please check what happened?


Just tried this morning without any issue, are you sure this is not a space left problem ?

I also tried it from my office in Canada, no issues although it was a little slower than I remember. It paused for about 45 seconds at the beginning, another one minute pause at 100MB and then it went very quickly. Overall time about 5 minutes.

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Hi liking and loic,

Thank you for your help.

I’m in Sydney, Australia, my C drive has 11GB space and my D drive has 160GB, I have tried to download it for at least 5 times, I tried Chrome and Firefox, Chrome showed me that it was forbidden while Firefox showed me that it failed. Anyway I will try it again.