Hows the audio support in DragonBoard

Hi Guys,

I want to know that, does dragon board has working i2s lines exposed on it?
The driver for the i2s working properly?
Does it support both capture and playback from the exposed i2s?
Does it supports at least stereo?

Hello vvn2023,
I tested the Audio Mezzanine with Android and the output sound is stereo.
On the schematics the Outputs is defined as L and R, so it must be stereo :slight_smile:

The drivers I2C are actually handled in Linux environment.

You will find a tutorial for the audio here:
The loop back from mic to speaker are explain on that tutorial.

Hope this help maybe someone has more to say about it…

I expect this is about i2s on low speed expansion connector not 410c audio connector.

Yes, I want to know about the i2s on the low speed expansion header