How to use the onboard GPS


I can not find any clue to use the onboard GPS,Is it a tty device under /dev? I’m using debian.


GPS is on UART3 as with all other huawei devices, but i doubt that it just supports NMEA out of the box.
Boradcom usually uses the spyware-ridden proprietary binary blob
to do the raw data processing on the main CPU, which talks
undocumented binary protocol to the GPS chipset. It was always the same procedure since they bought this “GlobalLocate” company.
It will require some work to make huawei android GPSD binary blob to run on a free sotware system like debian because of arcane library dependencies ‘invented by google’.
The greedy smartphone manufacturers didn’t learn anything from Openmoko switching 10 years ago from GlobalLocate to u-blox,
because of the same issues.


You sound like you’re one of those people who hates Android because you got used to hating the lack of free software that was available before Android, and made up artificial reasons to hate android to keep that hate going.

There is nothing at all “arcane” about the Android GPS hal. It is very well documented and very easy to work with. If it is at all necessary to make use of the Android GPS hal, then it would be very easy to recover the nmea and feed it into gpsd.


Before freaking out by other people’s reports of doomsday scenarios, other Huawei GPS devices appear to blast nmea out on the serial in the standard fashion.

So try first.


Do they use Broadcom GPS chipset ?


Android GPS hal runs on top of the Broadcom vendor-specific gpsd, which is a c++ binary dynamically linked to 100 other shared libraries, which have nothing to do with GPS itself.
Should i post the full library dependency tree for this gpsd, and
what is your bet when it will work on debian ?
And yes, i hate crippled hardware which does not work without installing android image, with all its embedded security holes and spyware.


No. They have their own.


Uh huh. Ok, so by 100, you mean 1?