How to use MIPI CSI of hikey970

i don’t know which camera can i choose,anyone knows???

I have ordered and got this camera for hikey 970 but it is bit difficult to make work as hikey has 60pin connector which is not very easy to take out to connect camera.Still working on hardware compatibility, also you can also choose any usb based camera should work.


did you get the i2c3 on the HS connector running that is used to configure the camera?

I think i2c3 has on HS connector but i need to check on software side whether i2c3 is up or not, as i dont have camera to connect and check this. we are still working on suitable camera for Hikey 970 (60 pin slots) or small PCB board to connect camera from HS connector.

@Ramanna You can use MIPI adapter mezzanine for connecting Rpi camera.

It got different standard camera connectors.